Idyll Acres


  • Orchard Update

    Orchard trees rebound! Patience and persistence paid off this summer. It took a while for the orchard trees to decide that they were satisfied with their new home, but by early July most species had fully leafed out and fruit […]

  • Fruit Thinning

    Under instructions from wiser fruit growing minds than ours, we have decided to hand remove as much of the apple crop, which is surprisingly large, that has set on our trees. All that productive tree energy needs to go into […]

  • Transplant Shock, Ugh!

    The trees we transplanted into our new orchard in late March have begun to leaf out, but they appear to be struggling, and the signs of normal mid-spring vigor are absent to some degree. Normal big, green, vigorous leaves look […]

  • Grafting Nursery Stock

    We’re grafting several varieties (like Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Kingston Black) that we already have in our existing orchard planting, along with numerous new varieties (for us), such as Calville Blanc d’Hiver, Marin Onfroy, Mettais, Bedan, Stoke Red, Somerset Redstreak, […]

  • Planting New Nursery

    You could probably say that we are gluttons for punishment. After all that work digging, hauling, storing and transplanting our cider apple trees, why in the world would we want to do it all over again — especially now that […]